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Google's Web History Settings Affect Your Search Results

If you check your SEO results by searching for your keywords and seeing where you're listed in Google's results, make sure your Web History setting in Google Search is OFF! 

When Web History is on, the sites you've visited in the past will get a higher ranking than anyone else will see in THEIR results.  The great results may only appear on YOUR computer.  So you may be thinking you're doing exceedingly well with your SEO, but in fact you may not be.

To turn off Web History if you are NOT signed in with a Google Account:

1) Run a search for anything.

2) On the results page, at the upper right, click on the little cog (toothed wheel) symbol.

3)  Click on Web History

4) Click on "Disable customisations based on search activity".

Then go back to Search and check your keywords again!

To turn off Web History if you have a Google Account and are signed in:

1) Click on your photo (or the silhouette) at the upper right of the Google Search screen.

2) Click on Account in the drop-down box.

3) Under the Services area, click on "Go to Web History".

4) Click the box "Remove all Web History".  This will also pause Web History for your account.

Then go back to Search and check your keywords again!

I hope you find this helpful.  If so, please pass it on.




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