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Making websites work for businesses for 7 years, Zebedee Internet's clients have enjoyed success on the internet. 

We stay current with the latest technologies, techniques and tools so our clients continue to achieve a solid return on their internet investment.

Based in High Wycombe, Bucks, we service clients in Bucks, Berks, Herts, and the West London areas.

Our approach is a business approach.  We don't get lost in the technology and we don't let our clients do so, either.  Before designing and building a site, before doing any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), before doing any email marketing, or internet marketing of any kind, we look at our clients' businesses and business goals.  You cannot just build a website and launch it and hope it will work.  You have to understand what the business needs it to do for them.  Once that is understood, we can create an effective design and bring targeted, qualified traffic to the site.

We have many clients who have used multiple services for the greatest effect.  While SEO will bring qualified traffic (people who have searched for the clients' goods and services), if the site is laid out badly, doesn't convey the right message, or is difficult to navigate, that traffic will quickly leave!  Our clients who have made use of our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service are found at or near the top of Google's first page of listings for most of their key search terms.  Due to the high rankings, they have achieved a significant increase in traffic, and the resulting increase in revenue and profit.  See our testimonials!

We have also had many webites designed or re-designed for effectiveness in business.  Coupled with SEO, a well-designed website gets results!  Getting the traffic to your site through SEO, email marketing, or any other method will only help if the page the viewer lands on provides a clear, accurate message that appeals, is placed correctly on the page, and gives them good reason to explore further and ultimately make contact.

The use of Google Analytics allows our clients to manage the continuous improvement of their sites.  While it can be very time consuming to sift through the data, we do that for our clients, providing them a management tool to make good, solid decisions about how best to improve the site's performance.

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