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Google Analytics is a superb tool for monitoring a website's performance. 

Do you know how well your website is working for your business?

Do you know where your traffic comes from?

Do you know what keywords are working for you with the search engines?

Do you know what pages are looked at, how long visitors stay on your site?

Do you know what page they leave from, or how many see the home page and leave right away?

 This information is very important in determining how you can improve the site's performance.

The biggest problem with Google Analytics is information overload.  There is a huge amount of information that can be draw from this system!  Knowing what to look for, in light of your business' needs is vital for proper site management. 

We can help.

If Google Analytics isn't currently running on your site, we can get it started.  We can also set up a simple report that you can look at regularly to see how well the website is working for your business.  We can also then provide solid, effective advice on improving that performance. 

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We have many clients in Berks, Herts, West London and Bucks who are pleased with our Google Analytics Services, SEO, Web Design, and Pay per Click Management.  Please call for a quote.

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